Cordless Drill – Powerful Pink Drill for ‘Do It Herself’ Women

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Pink Drill - Impact Function Helps With Tough Jobs. Smaller and lighter than most portable battery powered drills.

Cordless Drill meets Pink Tools.
This cordless drill is a work-of-art. It will drill holes, it will drive screws.
And when the going gets tough, an impact-drill function kicks in to help with the tough jobs.
Light-weight, good grip, strong pink drill for women.

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You’ll love your Cordless Drill!

The Tomboy Tools ® Pink Cordless  Drill was introduced more than a year ago, and it has become one of those tools that you don’t really have to spend much time thinking about. You’d rather spend time using it.

Once you get a chance to try it for yourself at a Tomboy Tools ® Home Tool Party you’ll wonder how you ever got along without one.

Think about all the things you do around your house, such as things you have to do to keep things working, to the things you want to do for your own personal enjoyment.

  • Are you a craft-y type?

  • Do you take on those DIY (do-it-yourself) – woops – excuse me, I meant DIH (Do-It-Herself) projects around the house?

  • This pink drill was made for women like you!

Do It Herself Women. With the right tools, you can do anything. This pink impact drill will help you with your own Do It Herself projects.

  • designed specifically for handy ‘do it herself’ women like you
  • a lightweight, strong, comfortable pink drill – you can handle it
  • ideal for indoor and outdoor use – a cordless drill you can take it with you
  • lithium ion battery technology – you can maintain it easily
  • 2/3 lighter than standard cordless drills – you won’t get tired using it
  • Built-In LED Headlight! You can see what you’re drilling!
  • This is a fine, high-quality cordless pink drill for women like you

Plus, it has an ‘impact-drill’ feature you’ll really like… when the going gets tough, the drill will ‘pound’ the screw into the wood for you as it turns the screw! This makes your work much easier for you! REALLY COOL!

There are other pink drills out there for you, but many of them are light-weight and awkward to handle.

With Tomboy Tools ®, you can have
the quality you need plus the color you want.

Tomboy Tools ® sells high-quality, solid pink tools for women like you, tools that do what they are supposed to do. This pink cordless drill / pink impact drill will work for you, it will last for you, and look good while you use it, too!

This pink power drill is beautiful in many ways – it is well-designed and comfortable, a tool you can rely on.

This Pink Drill for Women makes a wonderful gift for wedding or bridal showers, for birthdays and new mothers. The woman you give this to will think well of you every time she uses it, for years to come.

I love mine – believe me, You really WANT One for yourself.

When someone asks you what you’d like for your birthday or any other special occasion, send them a link to this page, and tell them “I want a cordless pink drill!”

Once you get it, be careful about loaning your pink drill to anyone… you may never see it again!

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